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Post Info TOPIC: TransCab "new" 250km quota ruling

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TransCab "new" 250km quota ruling

TransCab "new" 250km quota ruling

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    • Dunno what is what now ?

      Some say whole day 250km per drver ...

      Some say hirer also 250km , relief also 250km ....

      Now TransCab say Saturday Sunday and Public Holiday 5pm to 12MN must clock 250km .... Lucky i never drive TransCab , i will never achieve such mileage .

      Cos i be watching TV ( soccer ) .

      hmm hmm ....... that smlj someone siao liao , LOL

      Edited by Poolman 04 Jan `13, 2:55AM
    • For example 25th December 2012 ..... street no paxes to pick , i really dunno how to get 250km .

      Normally i would have done $70 and **** off go home .

      Or go Sakura eat 4 hours then come out take rental .

      Impossible for me to get 250km .

      So what if i dun get 250km ?

      Tio Pok ?

    • Best one from TransCab , they quote : "so that we are able to pull back ....."

      Pull what ?

    • got one smlj very soon bey tio pok liao ...

      smlj , come drive Silver , LOL .


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Is there seriously lack of taxis ? Or rather us lack of passengers ?

I think taxi fares are too cheap, it demand is more than supply just at certain timing .

What are the real reasons, taxis forbidden back then to ply or pick up passengers in CBD without taxi stands/ stop ?

SMRT/ SBS afrais to have less profit ?


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more taxi on the road to cause congestion becos LTA needs a reason to raise ERP ma. :)

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